Specialised Belt

Oxford Rough Top Conveyor Belt - The rough top conveyor belts are ideally designed for distribution of light weight goods, fragile and packed goods such as glass, paper, bags boxes or cartons being inclined at angle from 25 to 35 degrees or horizontal in direction. The slip resisting surface texture (Rough Top) is ideal for steep incline/decline applications and restricts the tendency for the material, to roll back or fall down from the conveyor.
Oxford Side Wall Conveyor Belting - OXFORD SIDE WALL CONVEYOR BELT is designed with two corrugated side walls molded to cross rigid base belt. OXFORD Belts are cross rigid base making use of specially designed fabrics which provides maximum stability in the transverse direction, ultimately, resulting in for better return side support.
  • OXFORD Side Wall Belts are designed for Zero spillage and to felicitate faster and bulk material handling, 4 times compared to standard conveyor belting in terms of transporting capacity;
  • Save installation space due to the possibility increasing the angle of inclination upto 90 deg.
  • Protect the material from friction by solid cleats mounted on the belt.
OXFORD SIDE WALL CONVEYOR BELTS are available, currently with TC Cleats along with the side wall on belt.
Oxford Cleated Belts - OXFORD Cleat profiles are normally moulded to ensure a consistent high quality and profile shape retention. For lighter applications, we can offer our extruded cleats ranging from 100mm (T & TC) with textile reinforcement. On special request, steel reinforcement fabric can be used in cleats above 360mm.
Oxford Cleat higher than 230 mm are delivered as “ Combo Cleats “ meaning that the cleat consists of 2 parts, a base / foot piece and a blade.
Our Range Of cleats is:
1) T Type – Side wall height up to 225mm and cleat height ranging from 100mm To 180mm
2) C Type – Side wall height up to 225mm and cleats up to 180mm height
3) TC Type – Side wall height and cleat height ranging from 100mm to 180mm
Oxford Chevron Cleated Belt - OXFORD Chevron cleated belts are used primarily when the angle of incline becomes too steep for a smooth conventional conveyor belt to handle powered products such as sand, fine coal and grain materials. The belt is fitted with integrally molded cleats which prevent the material from sliding backwards as would be the case with a smooth surface belt.
Oxford’s different cleat designs are illustrated below, convenient for angle of 17 to 40 deg of incline. Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers and suitable for splicing of belt through vulcanizing process or by mechanical fasteners.